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Branson, MO Real Estate

Real Estate in Branson, Missouri

Real estate in the Branson area offers many different features. I have constructed this web site to help check out featured properties I have chosen, browse through my current listings, and even search the Branson MLS. Properties on the lakes, condos on golf courses, and neighborhoods next to the famed highway 76 (also known as ‘the strip’) are just some of the aspects many find when they begin looking at Branson real estate options. Having a REALTOR® that is familiar with the Branson real estate market is important. However, it must go farther than that.

  • Why Choose Me to Be Your Branson Real Estate Agent?

    Branson Real Estate Broker DeLisa DeLayIn my opinion, that is an excellent question. When you are looking for a real estate agent you will come across many agents and even brokers that will speak about their knowledge of the real estate market in in which they are working. Often time times though, the recommendations and advice those same agents give can deviate from the knowledge they have which is likely the reason why they were chosen by the customer to handle the real estate transaction.
    I take an approach that differs from many real estate agents you will encounter. I base my recommendations to you, whether you are buying or selling, on market performance and what I know about the current market conditions. I understand the importance of  letting the market guide your decisions. For example, when selling a home, one of the mistakes that owners make when selling is pricing the property based on emotions or circumstances rather than on the market.
    Another reason to choose me as your Branson real estate agent is that I have worked in the Branson real estate market for over a decade. I have seen the market shift greatly towards both ends of the spectrum. As the recipient of the Rookie of the Year in 2000 for RE/MAX Mid States Region (KS, MO) and being voted in the top 100 Realtors in SW Missouri by 417 magazine 2011 demonstrates, I consistently work to provide quality service whether the market is trending up or down.

  • Branson Real Estate Market Data Assists Sellers

    As I mentioned above, I utilize the current market trends when I give recommendations to my customers. This is because I have seen so many owners miss out on sales because the property was priced outside of the market ‘sweet spot’. This means that interested buyers will just not make an offer on a property because they perceive that it is out of their range. As a result, the seller never gets the opportunity to consider what the buyer may have been willing to pay. Hence, I make every effort to ensure that the price a home is listed for is within the price range that is consistent with the current real estate market.
    I realize that some might be asking, ‘how do I know that is in line with the market data’? That is a great question. I do not expect my customers to just blindly trust my recommendations. Rather, I share the market data so that questions can be asked and a plan of action can be determined and carried out.

  • Branson Real Estate Listings and Featured Homes

    When buyers are looking to make a purchase, they are desirous of a real estate agent that will help them find what they are looking for and not one that is primarily interested in showing them homes that the agent would like to sell. To demonstrate my genuine interest in helping my customers find what I feel are the best deals, I periodically peruse the MLS looking for great buys and I feature those homes on my web site regardless of what agency holds the listing. But don’t worry if you are wanting a full MLS search, I have added that functionality to the site to assist you in searching through the real estate listings of the Tri-Lakes area. Because I see the value in allowing the site visitor to check Branson homes out on their own, this feature will allow both basic and advanced search operations.

So please have a look at the site, but especially the listings I have chosen to feature and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me about a property. I will be happy to assist you in whatever way I can.